28 April 2016

Searching for God. 5 - How Saints and Charisms helped you to pray?

Christians of the Holy Land share their experiences, challenges and new ways of prayer in contemporary life.

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The Holy Land was the scene of major events for the Christian faith. Since the beginning of God's revelation, and for two thousand years of Christianity, men and women of different ages learned different ways to enter into relationship with God, how to listen and talk to Him.
We can find a wide variety of monasteries, churches, or spirituality centers represented here. They express traditions that have developed at different times in the West and the East.
Despite the diversity of possibilities of creating a loving relationship with God witnessed by these various experiences, many Christians face many challenges to cultivate a relationship with their Creator.
This series about prayer will present five short episodes of personal stories and experiences of Christians who found a way to use the spiritual richness present on this land while dealing with their challenges to develop a relationship with God.
In the fifth episode, we will listen their answers to the question: "How Saints and Charisms helped you to pray?"