29 March 2016

‘Made by Iraqi girls’, hope among refugees

“Rafedin – Made by Iraqi girls”, a new fashion atelier with dresses made by ten Iraqi girls who sought refuge in Jordan. The project was founded by Don Mario Cornioli and two Italian designers.

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Can needle and thread mend a lost hope?
"Do not be afraid! I have overcome the world!” Jesus’ words that echoed in the ‘urbi et orbi’ message of Pope Francis for Easter 2016, defy mankind in a historical moment in which injustice, pain and death seem to have the upper hand.
“Rafedin - Made by Iraqi girls” was created in Jordan, one of the nations that welcomed the largest number of Christian Iraqi refugees, forced to flee from their homeland in July 2014 under the death threats of self-styled Islamic State.
“Rafedin - Made by Iraqi girls”: a project that small light in the darkness.

Iraqi seamstress
“The people of Jordan did not make us feel uncomfortable, on the contrary, they welcomed us!...... The actual difficulty is the wait: the wait to get a travel permit, to find work.....so here we are unemployed and without an income. We live with the few things that we brought back from Iraq. But suddenly this project came out of nowhere. We liked it and decided to participate in it."

Iraqi seamstress
"We are all Iraqi girls, from the northern and southern regions and from the Nineveh valley. They made us emigrate because of the dangerous situation in Iraq: we were forced to leave our country. This project is an opportunity to cultivate our talent and ensure an income.”

‘Rafedin’, Arabic for "two rivers", a term used to refer to the Tigris and Euphrates, is a new fashion atelier that combines the beauty and colors of oriental fabrics with Western fashion models.

Rosaria Diflumeri, owner of a boutique in the province of Foggia and Carla Ladogana, expert and professor of Fashion and Costume, traveled to Jordan in late February.
At the center of the Salesian Sisters of Amman they taught sewing lessons to ten Iraqi refugee girls , in a context in which a work or a study permit outside of the church is forbidden to over 10 thousand refugees. 

Jerusalem Latin Patriarchate
"Our idea is to bring to Italy the products and clothes that the girls make , sell them in Italy and give these girls a chance to earn something for them and for their families, so they are able to continue to stay here in Jordan and live a decent life.”

Iraqi seamstress
"Our life in Iraq was just home and church, nothing else. We never went anywhere else. But now here, I have met these girls, I have some new friends. We have also learned a profession that will probably help us in the future.”

The project is on facebook, the page is called ‘Rafedin- Made by Iraqi girls’, where it is already possible to contribute by purchasing garments or accessories, or even with just a word of mouth ...