10 January 2017

The bread of the Salesians: communion bread ...

Classic, thyme or sweet bread ... in Bethlehem, for many years and on a daily basis, the bakery of the Salesians has been offering a special bread to the Bethlehemites.

Christians in the Holy Land

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Flour, water, a pinch of salt, desire and passion. A small bakery, in the heart of the old town of Bethlehem, where every day a special bread is baked.
An operation run by the Salesians of Bethlehem, who have come a long way...

Fr. DANY EL HAYEK, s.d.b.
Bursar of the Salesian Community of Bethlehem
"This bakery was especially created a hundred years ago for sustenance of the orphans hosted by the Salesian Mission which was founded by Father Antonio Belloni and later managed by the Salesians."

A busy work night ...the results: classic, thyme, or sweet bread; fragrances and forms, typical of this land.
For many Bethlehemites, buying this bread is an important event: the bakery opens only during the early hours of the morning.

Fr. DANY EL HAYEK, s.d.b.
Bursar of the Salesian Community of Bethlehem
“As the arabic saying goes:
All the people from Bethlehem who come to Salesians Bakery to buy bread, meet and talk..this is truly a place of communion for the people of Bethlehem”.

Fr. DANY EL HAYEK, s.d.b.
Bursar of the Salesian Community of Bethlehem
“This really is a special bread. The bread of the Salesians is not the regular bread that you find everywhere else.”

Charitable instrument that feeds many people. This bakery feeds the neediest people: 150 families who get daily bread, free of charge, while more than 100 children from institutions such as the Creche and Effeta Paul VI find it on their tables.

Christian Woman - Bethlehem
“I come to this bakery every day. We regularly come to the Salesian Fathers' bakery.
They also give us cards to be able to obtain free bread from their bakery.”

"There are people who are used to come here every day at the same time to buy the same amount of bread in spite of the situation.
Our bread is cheaper than the one from other bakeries, because the Salesian fathers try to help people as much as they can.
There is no bread like this in the Holy Land. We are the only ones who make this special bread.”

In Bethlehem, from the Hebrew 'House of Bread', while in Arabic it means 'House of Meat', the Salesians' Bakery has always worked tirelessly to give everyone 'the daily bread'.

Fr. DANY EL HAYEK, s.d.b.
Bursar of the Salesian Community of Bethlehem
"This operation creates communion among all of us, even between the ones who make and sell the bread. This bread is simply given to many, even for free. That is, we do as much as we can, however it would not be possible without the help of so many people. They know they are in communion with so many other people through the piece of bread they buy ... it has great significance: it is the source of life!"