08 August 2017

Small jewels shaped like olive leaves

In her small home workshop, the artist Nadia Abu Ghattas from Beit Jala makes silver jewelry that duplicates the shape of olive leaves as an expression of the Palestinian identity.

Christians in the Holy Land

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Nadia Abu Ghattas is a Palestinian artist from Beit Jala who comes from a family that has engaged in arts and crafts for generations. She chose to duplicate the shape of olive leaves to create her silver.jewelry in her home workshop..

Artist from Beit Jala
“I specialized in olive leaves because the olive tree is a blessed, generous, beautiful tree, which is also evergreen and has the ability to live up to thousands of years old. I, therefore, chose to create something typical of our Palestinian heritage.”

An activity that takes long hours, hard work and high precision in the selection and design process. As a result of her good taste and skills, gained through long experience in this field, from the choice of foliage, through the whole production process to the packaging and marketing phase, Nadia manages to create small (beautiful) jewels.

Artist from Beit Jala
“After selecting the leaves, I hang them to a wax pole and coat them with plaster. Later, I place everything in the oven at 750 degrees for 12 hours: this will burn the natural leaf inside the plaster. On the next day, I melt the silver which I use to coat the plaster-dipped leaves.”

The desire to market products that reflect Palestinian identity is what prompted Nadia to choose as an important symbol in the creation of her jewerly, the olive tree, hoping to one day export her artifacts.

Artist from Beit Jala
“My dream is that my necklaces, as signs of peace, can be found all over the world, so that everyone may learn about our struggles here in Palestine, however, despite all the psychological pressures we face, I want to show the world that we can still be creative.”