08 August 2018

A passion for candles. Raghad's story

Raghad Mukarkar from producer to artist. This is how this Christian from Bethlehem decided to create candles in a variety of models for all occasions.

Christians in the Holy Land

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From film producer to artist. Three years ago, Raghad Mukarkar, Christian woman from Beit Sahur, discovered her ability to melt and remodel candles. Thanks to experience and practice she managed to create new designs. 

"I looked around, in the various shops which sell such items...without finding valid options. What other choices did I have? I came up with the idea of creating moulds. Then I decided to experiment, and I tried to recycle a candle, I melted it and re-created it". 

Candles manufacturing is an established art which has been practiced since ancient times. It requires a combination of time and effort. Thanks to her enthusiasm, and with her strong initiative she was able to produce hollow candles, with a sweet scent and attractive designs, which add warmth and charm to her studio. 

"I started making candles in an unusual way. I worked on the production of an empty candle - from the inside. I inserted a small candle in the middle, which is held in place by a small piece of metal at the bottom. Therefore the candle becomes similar to a pot.

I then added my own artistic touch, with the help of natural flowers, drawings on the candle or images of people. My dream is to have my own small factory with a great team, so that my products will become famous all over the world, not only in Palestine".

In her small studio, within the walls of her home, Raghad doesn't limit herself to handicraft, she tries to develop her skills through the use of the computer. New designs ready to be implemented on candles to meet the needs of her increasingly demanding customers.