08 November 2017

"Towards a Green School", an eco-friendly project

The Open House of the Rosary Sisters School took place in Jerusalem, entirely on the theme of the environment. (All of the) exhibitions, experiments and plays were designed to inspire an ecological conscience.

Actuality and events

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“Towards a Green School”. This is the title of the environmental theme day organized on November 4 by the Rosary Sisters School in Beit Hanina.

The aim of the initiative was to promote eco-awareness within both the school and the society and to raise public awareness about environmental protection, recycling and differentiated collection.

"Towards a Green School" Project Coordinator
"The goal was to build a conscious generation, capable of discussing global environmental issues. The initiative has succeeded in attracting and educating the youth.
Today I have a team of young women who can play the role of a journalist, of a
photographer or a producer in an television environmental program!”

There are 44 tudents involved in various scientific and technological activities which include planning of the exhibitions, carrying out experiments, building a greenhouse where all the vegetation types mentioned in the Holy Bible and the Quran were planted. Some of the products were sold for charity purposes.

Female Student
"Thanks to this project, we learned a lot. I realized that, through this show, we were able to do research, to work and to discover different concepts of chemistry, biology and other topics.”

Female Student
"We had the opportunity to recognize carbon and to analyze it. Thanks to the help of our teachers, this was a unique experience that gave us self-confidence that prompted us to experience new things!”

At the end of the day, the students set up a show focused on the environment.
Among the guests of honor, were the Palestinian Minister of Education and Higher Education Sabri Seidam, the Director of Education Jerusalem Samir Jibril and various diplomats, in addition to the families of the younsters involved and the teaching staff, amidst everyone's satisfaction and admiration.

Female Student
"We started the project exactly on July 22. We worked for four months, getting great results. We left our mark on the community. Many have come to see our work, and many congratulated us on our great accomplishment at our young age.”

Remembering what Albert Einstein said: "We need to build a new humanism for the planet to be saved", (we could say that) the earth today has a bit of extra hope.