10 August 2017

"Sons of Mary"Community takes care of Jesus' favorite people

We visited the Beit Afram Rest Home in Taybeh, where we found real guardian angels serving the marginalized.

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“......but he left the district for a town called Ephraim, in the country bordering on the desert, and stayed there with his disciples.> (John 11:54)

The city mentioned in the Gospel is currently called Taybeh. It is located 30 kilometers from Jerusalem and has about 1500 inhabitants. It is the only fully Christian Palestinian city.

Thanks to concrete gestures, Christian charity becomes tangible: real 'guardian angels' make themselves available to serve those marginalized by society.

The Beit Afram rest home houses 25 elderly people between 75 and 97 years of age. It is owned by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and attended by the Brazilian missionary community of the Sons of Mary.

Physical Therapist – 'Sons of Mary' Community
"By the charism of the 'Sons of Mary', our charism, we welcome human suffering and we give relief to it, we accept all sorts of pain and afflictions, and as a missionary and also as a physiotherapist, I am greatly blessed by the fact that I can give relief to those who need it."

Their daily tasks include bathing the elderly and feeding them, besides promoting recreational activities, with a genuine loving approach that they convey, as witnesses of God's love.

'Sons of Mary' Community
“Loving the elderly is part of our charism. Our founder Erica claims that, every time we love and talk about Jesus to those who do not know him, we accomplish our mission. That is why we take this 'vocation' to heart, with much love and great joy.”

Helena, 84, tells us a little about her life here.

Rest home resident
"This place is a blessing from God. Here, they take good care of us and respect us. They help us in all our needs, they are kind and take care of our hygiene. We can not go back home because we are not able to take care of ourselves.”

She thinks that the compassion and respect of these Brazilian volunteers are beautiful virtues.

Rest home resident
"We ask God to bless them and to bless their families"

An important mission, also thanks to the help of volunteers.

Dioceses of Nimes – France
"It is a time of service and of fraternity offered to the elderly of the Holy Land, in this place that is part of our roots. As Christians, we came here to spend time with them, to help the Brazilian community and also to share experiences with the 'Christians of the Holy Land'.”

The Arabic language is certainly not a barrier. Smiles and sincere gestures express more than a thousand words.

Physical Therapist – 'Sons of Mary' Community
"In them, we see Jesus suffering and asking to be healed. They want to be cared for, they want to find the love they did not receive from their family members. They think they are not important because they are old. On the contrary: we are here to help them and to show them that they are the ones giving us comfort, relief and joy! "