12 February 2018

Maronites celebrate the feast of St. Maron in Jerusalem

On February 10, the Church celebrated the Feast of St. Maron. For the occasion, Mons. Moussa El Hage, leader of the Maronite Church, presided over a mass in Jerusalem.

Actuality and events

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It is a day of celebration for the Maronite community. Mons. Moussa El Hage celebrated a mass in the Holy City. Among the authorities present, the Nuncio in Israel and Cyprus and Apostolic Delegate for Jerusalem and Palestine, Mons. Leopoldo Girelli, the Vicar for Jerusalem and Palestine, Mons.Giacinto-Bolous Marcuzzo and the French Consul in Jerusalem, Pierre Cochard.

In his homily, the archbishop recalled several events in the life of the Father of the Maronite Church.

H.E. Mons. Moussa El Hage
Maronite Patriarchal Exarch
"He lived in the fourth century and died in 410, in the fifth century. This saint, as Saint Anthony did before him, chose the desert journey to meet the Lord. He met the Lord in the mountains of Syria, in Apimea, near Aleppo. He lived incessantly praying to the Lord for divisions among Christians to be overcome.”

Other religious began to follow Maron's way of living. A new community constantly grew to give rise to the Maronite Church, which has always been in communion with Rome. The Maronite family, presently, has more than three million faithful around the world.

Although Saint Maron lived a long time ago, his memory is alive and his example can still be followed today.

Ghassan Sader
Maronite Community – Jerusalem
"I celebrate this anniversary because I was given the name “Maron” on my baptism day. Every year, we come here, to St. Maron Church to celebrate this festival. Two years ago, our Patriarch Beshara al-Rai came from Lebanon to celebrate this anniversary with us.”

Sami Helo
Maronite Community – Jerusalem
"Every year, around this time, we celebrate the Feast of St. Maron. For us, St. Maron, Patron Saint of the Maronite Church, is a symbol.”

H.E. Mons. Moussa El Hage
Maronite Patriarchal Exarch
"He followed the Lord. Like the mustard seed, he died to give life to others. This is why we remember this great saint today: we want to be inspired by his spirit, we want to be able to follow his example, that is to love ourselves, to love others and, above all, to love the Lord! "