12 June 2018

"Guardians of the Tomb of Christ", an unpublished glimpse of the Custody

The photographic exhibition created by photographer Thomas Coex and journalist Cyrille Louis unveils the daily and unusual aspects of the life of friars of the Custody in Jerusalem.

Actuality and events

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Br Ayman bringing the communion in the homes of the sick.
Br Sinisa cleaning the tomb of Jesus in the Holy Sepulchre.
Or, Br Marcelo preparing some ham or Br Paulo playing basketball with the children of the parish.

There are several moments immortalized by Thomas Coex and shown at the exhibition "Guardians of the Tomb of Christ", inaugurated on Monday 11 June at the entrance of the Custody Curia of Jerusalem.

Photographer AFP editor
"I had the news of the anniversary of the 800 years of Franciscan presence in the Holy Land, so I asked them to make a reportage, but not the classical reportage."

Journalist - Le Figaro
"We chose to work on the Franciscans here in Jerusalem, because we are both very attracted, very attached to the old city and we thought that, due to their history and their long presence here, and also the importance of their role in Jerusalem, they were a very interesting community to look upon ".

The exhibition, created as a partnership between the cultural heritage office of the Custody and AFP, the French Press Agency, shows some of the shots published in the French magazine Le Figaro. The special - 8 pages - is the result of two months of cohabitation between the friars of Jerusalem, the correspondent and the photographer, the winner of the Word Press Photo in 2001.

Journalist - Le Figaro
"Our main idea was to try to show on a daily, human, even intimate level what it is like to be a Franciscan in Jerusalem”.

AFP photographer
"It was very good to have not only the prayers or the processions, not only what the public can see ... but everything else, like their social activities... because they have a lot! This point was very important for us."

"They have entered our lives in a friendly and respectful way - the Father Custos pointed out in his thanks at the beginning of the presentation, attended by the General Consuls of France and Spain and Mgr Boulos Marcuzzo.

Responsible for Cultural Heritage of the Custody of the Holy Land
"We have a lot of photographs of ourselves, but for us it is interesting to see ourselves through the eyes of professional journalists, to meet this “us” through their eyes and in the end we found a vision that we were not used to. It was a positive experience and we are very pleased that everyone can see these photographs today. "

A new and discreet look in which anyone who wishes can immerse themselves until the month of October.