The Christian Media Center looks forward to the day when it will serve as a bridge and as an instrument of communication between the local Church, including its various communities, and the Christians worldwide. Through the news emanating from the Center, in different languages, and transmitted on a weekly basis through over 28 TV channels across the world, we can reach every institution concerned in the news, events, occasions and feastdays of the Holy Land.

We shall take into consideration in each step that we follow the faith of the Church in the meaning of joint livelihood among people, and the necessity to handle symptoms of suppression, fanatism and persecution which overwhelms the world in these days. We shall adhere to the meaning of Hope called for the Divine Child of the Grotto of Bethlehem, and devote ourselves for its propagation and enhancement.

We place our potential and our energies at this Center at the disposal of all concerned. We express our deep thanks to the Custody of the Holy Land which has supported the Center, providing it with its care and attention.