About us

The year 2014 witnessed a drastic change in the orientation of the Custody of the Holy Land towards us: the Custody took the initiative of giving a new name to the “Franciscan Media Center”, founded in 2008, becoming known henceforth as the “Christian Media Center”. This positive development came as a result of the vision of the Catholic Church which believes in the importance of applying the global concept of religious and human integration among Christian communities living in the Holy Land.

The Christian Media Center is indeed the fruit of an on-going effort on the part of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries in the Holy Land. It is a new approach, within a new format, more glamorous and elegant than before and compatible with the new media orientation of the Center, now located in two branches: the Jerusalem Branch at Terra Sancta College and the Nazareth Branch at the Maronite Parish Center in the Old City, home of the Brazilian Cancao Nova Community.